The Greenville ISD received an insurance check for $7,497 several months ago to cover the cost of a school bus set afire at the bus barn by students, the district said Friday.

And according to the city of Greenville’s legal department, the arson case remains open.

Meanwhile, the city is seeking an attorney general’s opinion in regard to releasing police information about the arson case. Ron Rogers, a resident of Greenville, has sought the police report from the city.

In a letter to Rogers, assistant City Attorney Victoria Erb cited a section of Texas code that exempts from disclosure “information considered to be confidential by law” and protected by the Family Code. Also, according to Erb’s letter to Rogers, “This case is still open and under investigation by the Greenville Police Department.”

The bus was destroyed shortly after noon on Sunday, Sept. 18 and the suspects were identified the same day, the school district said in December.

“[The suspects] were GISD students, and we took immediate disciplinary action,” GISD Chief Communications Officer Helen Williams has said previously.

The bus was purchased in 2002 for $48,787 and was out of commission, according to Williams. GISD has a 10-year plan that calls for replacing four buses a year. GISD had purchased four buses last year and four this year, Williams noted.

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